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Fuzzy Computing Applications for Anti-Money Laundering and Distributed Storage System Load Monitoring

  • Yu-To Chen
  • Johan Mathe
World conference on soft computing (2011) (2011)


Fuzzy computing (FC) has made a great impact in capturing human domain knowledge and modeling non-linear mapping of input-output space. In this paper, we describe the design and implementation of FC systems for detection of money laundering behaviors in financial transactions and monitoring of distributed storage system load. Our objective is to demonstrate the power of FC for real-world applications which are char- acterized by imprecise, uncertain data, and incomplete domain knowledge. For both applications, we designed fuzzy rules based on experts’ domain knowledge, depending on money laundering scenarios in transactions or the “health” of a distributed storage system. In addition, we developped a generic fuzzy inference engine and contributed to the open source community.

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