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  • Rong Ou
Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference 2007 Proceedings, PNSQC, PO Box 10733, Portland, OR 97296-0733, pp. 267-274


Modern software development is mostly a cooperative team effort, generating large amount of data in disparate tools built around the development lifecycle. Making sense of this data to gain a clear understanding of the project status and direction has become a time-consuming, highoverhead and messy process. In this paper we show how we have applied Business Intelligence (BI) techniques to address some of these issues. We built a real-time data warehouse to host project-related data from different systems. The data is cleansed, transformed and sometimes rolled up to facilitate easier analytics operations. We built a web-based data visualization and dashboard system to give project stakeholders an accurate, real-time view of the project status. In practice, we saw participating teams gained better understanding of their corresponding projects and improved their project quality over time.

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