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Yannis Agiomyrgiannakis


Yannis Agiomyrgiannakis finished his PhD thesis on the subject "Sinusoidal Speech Coding for Voice-over-IP" in 2006 at the University of Crete, with Yannis Stylianou. He held a post-doc position regarding speech coding for TTS systems, glottal inversion and voice transformation, at the Text-to-Speech Synthesis group in France Telecom, working with Olivier Rosec. He joined Paul Taylor's startup called "Phonetic Arts" at Cambridge, a company that was introducing speech synthesis to the game industry and was acquired by Google in 2010, where he is the DSP tech-lead for Google TTS. He is the author of 20+ publications and 17 patents in speech coding, speech processing and speech synthesis. His interests are in Signal Processing, Speech Coding, Speech Analysis/Modeling, Statistical Modeling, Sinusoidal Synthesis, Text-to-Speech, Voice-over-IP, Source/Channel Coding, Vector Quantization, Multiple Description Coding, DSP implementation, Glottal Inversion, Voice Morphing, etc.

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