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Ryan McDonald


I am a research scientist at Google -- and have been for over 10 years! At Google I have worked in the NYC, London and Athens offices. Before Google, I completed by PhD at the University of Pennsylvania and my B.Sc. at the University of Toronto, which is also the city I am from. I am interested in language technologies. The core algorithms and models used in things like machine translation, question answering, opinion analysis and, of course, information retrieval.

My research focuses on hard problems with the potential for high impact in Google's current services and tools, such as:
  • Multilingual morphosyntactic parsing
  • Machine learning for large-scale natural language processing
  • Machine learning for resource constrained natural language processing
  • Algorithms/complexity for natural language processing
  • Domain adaptation and cross-lingual projection for language technologies
  • Information retrieval and extraction from scientific literature
  • Opinion extraction and summarization
More info on my home page and Google Scholar page

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