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Zachary Nado


Iā€™m Zachary Nado, a Research Engineer at Google Brain in Cambridge, MA where our team works on anything and everything related to machine learning and artificial intelligence!

I graduated from Brown University in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics in 2016 where I was a part of the Serre Lab. There I worked on various systems engineering problems for the lab, lead a team of six to design a web annotation tool for labeling and viewing machine learning data, and developed my honors thesis to replace an older computer vision pipeline for classifying mouse behavior with convolutional neural networks.

During my college summers I did two internships with Google where I worked on several search infrastructure projects, followed by an internship at SpaceX as part of their software engineering team.

I was also a member of the Brown Space Engineering team for three years where I worked on our first ever satellite, a 1U cubesat that acts as an artificial shooting star that was launched to orbit in May 2018.

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