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Yuxiang Yang


I joined the AI Residency program after completion of my undergraduate years at UC Berkeley, where I built an autonomous racing car and spent a lot of time with prof. Ronald Fearing on biomimetic robotics and legged locomotion. That's how I developed an interest in robotics: you can explore the mathematical beauty of theoretical models, while at the same time enjoying the excitement of deploying ideas to the real world.

I'm glad to continue this path in Google, working on robotics and locomotion in Research NY, this time with the addition of reinforcement learning! I'm looking into robust and versatile robot locomotion, with the hope that neural network policies could enable robots to walk smoothly in a wide range conditions. A good control policy should not just work in simulators, it should be safe and stable enough to be deployed to the real world as well.

I'm amazed by how much autonomy I have here for my project, as well as the amount of support provided by collaborators all around. Google is also a place with great infrastructure, so implementing research ideas couldn't have been easier. I'm more than excited to explore the next year of residency, and see what i can get out of it.

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