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Trevor Gale


Trevor joined the Brain team as a member of the 2018 AI Residency Program after completing his undergrad at Northeastern University. He is currently working on sparsity in neural networks, and the consequences of sparse models for computer systems. He is interested in the complete machine learning stack, spanning computer architecture, programming models, high-performance and scalable software, algorithms, and applications of machine learning. After completing the residency, Trevor will pursue his PhD in Computer Science at Stanford University. At Northeastern, Trevor worked with David Kaeli on high-performance computing, general-purpose graphics processing units, and workload characterization, and with Jennifer Dy on deep learning and medical imaging. Trevor previously worked on large-scale distributed deep learning and computer vision at Samsung Research, and on the deep learning frameworks team at Nvidia, where he created the DALI data loading and augmentation framework and prototypes for the new NVJPEG library. Trevor is originally from Maine, and enjoys eating food, surfing, skiing, running, swimming and cats. His favorite type of tea is mint, and he loves coffee but can't drink it without getting jittery. He does not enjoy motorcycles that are too loud, and is no good at basketball. Recently, he has been eating lots of lentils.

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