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Sujith Ravi


Sujith Ravi is a Senior Staff Research Scientist at Google. His main research interests span various problems and theory related to the fields of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Computer Vision. He won the SIGKDD 2014 Best Research Paper Award and a Best Paper Award nomination at ACL 2009. He is specifically interested in large-scale unsupervised and semi-supervised methods and their applications to structured prediction problems in NLP and vision, multi-modal learning for language/vision, on-device machine learning, information extraction, user modeling in social media, graph optimization algorithms for summarizing noisy data, computational decipherment and computational advertising. He is the founding member and technical lead of Google's large scale graph-based machine learning project which powers products in Search, Gmail, Photos, among others. He also leads on-device machine learning efforts that power ML applications on Android mobile and wearable devices.

He completed his PhD at University of Southern California/Information Sciences Institute and was a Research Scientist at Yahoo! Research, Santa Clara before joining Google in Mountain View as a Research Scientist. Check his personal page for more information.

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