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Rafael Müller


I am specialist in signal processing for communications systems by training. Until mid-2018, I was a full-time Bell Labs researcher working on high speed optical communications systems where I led and participated in several record bitrate demonstrations including the first terabit/s single receiver experiment. I obtained the PhD degree in electronics and communications in 2016 while working in industry: Bell Labs France in a joint program with Télécom SudParis. Previously, I obtained the communications engineering degree in University of Brasilia, Brazil. During my PhD, my research interests included: signal processing, information theory and probabilistic graphical models to improve optical communications transmission speeds and reach. I also co-authored several patents on the field of coherent optical communications. Recently, I have also worked on applying machine learning tools to model and improve optical transmission. With an increased interest in machine learning, in 2018 I joined Google Brain in Toronto. I am particularly interested in the intersection between the fields of artificial intelligence/machine learning and signal processing/communication theory, as both worlds share very similar tools to accomplish different goals. When I am not developing and evaluating algorithms, writing research papers and attending conferences, I enjoy climbing, both outdoor and indoor, trail running and swimming.

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