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Prateek Jain


Prateek Jain is a research scientist at Google Research India and an adjunct faculty member at IIT Kanpur. Earlier, he was a Senior Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research India. He obtained his PhD degree from the Computer Science department at UT Austin and his BTech degree from IIT Kanpur. He works in the areas of large-scale and non-convex optimization, high-dimensional statistics, and ML for resource-constrained devices. He wrote a monograph on Non-convex Optimization in Machine Learning summarizing many of his results in non-convex optimization. Prateek regularly serves on the senior program committee of top ML conferences and is an action editor for JMLR, and an associate editor for SIMODS. His work has won ICML-2007, CVPR-2008 best student paper award and more recently his work on alternating minimization has been selected as the 2020 Best Paper by the IEEE Signal Processing Society. Please visit for my personal website.

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