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Murray Stokely


I joined Google in 2005. While at Google I've worked in the following areas:

Web Search
  • Reliability and monitoring of the production web crawling system.
  • Improving freshness and comprehensiveness of the Google web search index.
Storage and Distributed Systems
  • Building a market economy for provisioning machine resources
  • Measuring the statistical behavior of failures at different levels of Google's distributed storage infrastructure to influence storage system and datacenter design.
Statistical Computing
  • Building infrastructure for statistical computing on big data.
  • Implementing large-scale traffic forecasting and capacity planning models for web search and related services.
Open Source
  • Summer of Code (In 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008).
  • Contributing to the R Project for Statistical Computing and several open-source R packages.

To help continue bringing in new talent, I have also been fairly involved in the engineering hiring process.

I received an M.Sc. in Mathematics and the Foundations of Computer Science from Oxford University, working with Joel Ouaknine in the area of Software Model Checking. Prior to joining Google I was deeply involved in the FreeBSD operating system, and was the primary release engineer for the FreeBSD 4.x releases.

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