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Michael Frumkin


Michael Frumkin founded and leads the Accelerated Science team. He graduated with SB and SM degrees in Computer Science and Engineering from MIT. While there, he was involved in research projects at the MIT Media Lab and the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science. Michael was part of the core text retrieval group at Verity, a pioneering information retrieval company. He was a software engineer at NeXT working on distributed computing systems and one of the early employees at Excite where he was responsible for web crawl and e-commerce engineering initiatives. Michael was the CTO of Gamechange Inc., an early stage venture fund, where he was responsible for technical due diligence and providing management guidance to portfolio companies. Since 2002, Michael has been an Engineering Director at Google where his responsibilities have ranged from managing large engineering teams responsible for most of Google’s revenue to overseeing critical internal software infrastructure projects. In 2014 Michael was also an advisor to Khosla Ventures, working primarily in the areas of data science and biology.

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