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Maya Gupta


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Gupta joined Google Research in 2012. Before Google, Gupta was an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington (2003-2012), tenured in 2009. Her research group focused on statistical learning algorithms for signal processing and color image processing. In 2007, Gupta received the PECASE award from Pres. George Bush for her work in classifying uncertain (e.g. random) signals, and received the 2007 Office of Naval Research YIP Award. Gupta graduated 9 Ph.D. students and 7 M.S students. Her Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering is from Stanford University (2003), where she was a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow and worked with Bob Gray, Rob Tibshirani, and Richard Olshen. Before 2003, Gupta worked for Ricoh Research, NATO's Undersea Research Center, HP R&D, AT&T Labs, and Microsoft. Gupta also runs Artifact Puzzles, the second largest US maker of wooden jigsaw puzzles, a company she founded in 2009.

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