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Matt Pharr


I joined Google in 2013, where I previously:

  • Worked on computational photography with Marc Levoy's group in Google [x]
  • Initiated the light field capture project in the VR group and led the effort until late 2017; a light field stills experience just launched and is available on Steam.
  • Started the Seurat project, which developed high-fidelity scene simplification techniques that made it possible to bring film-quality graphics to mobile VR devices.

I am now working in the robotics group in Google Brain, investigating applications of computer graphics to machine learning and applications of machine learning to computer graphics.

Before coming to Google, I wrote the book Physically Based Rendering: From Theory to Implementation, for which I and my coauthors were awarded a Scientific and Technical Academy Award for the impact the book has had on rendering for movies.

I previously founded Exluna, which was acquired by NVIDIA, and Neoptica, which was acquired by Intel. While at Intel, I wrote the ispc compiler.

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