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Lucas Dixon


Lucas is a scientist in Google Research and Area 120 working on understanding the long term dynamics of recommendation systems. He is working on new ways to give users agency when interacting with recommendation systems, and exploring participatory approaches to the development of ML. Previously, he was Chief Scientist at Jigsaw where founded the engineering and scientific research efforts. While at Google and in Jigsaw, he has worked on range of topics including security, formal logics, machine learning, and data visualization. For example, Lucas worked on uProxy/Outline, and, DigitalAttackMap, and led development Syria Defection Tracker, and, Project Shield, Conversation AI and the Perspective API. Before Google, Lucas completed his PhD and then worked at the University of Edinburgh on the automation of mathematical reasoning, graphical languages for quantum information. He also helped run a non-profit working towards more rational and informed discussion and decision making, and was a co-founder of TheoryMine.

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