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Liang Jia


Liang Jia received the B.Eng. degree from Soochow University in 2008, and the M. A. Sc and Ph. D degrees from Queen’s University in 2011 and 2017, respectively. And he is now working on new technology for consumer electronic devices and data center power applications at Google, since January 2015. Before joined Google, he was a Product Design Engineer with Philips Electronics North America, Rosemont, IL, since July 2011. His main responsibility is to develop new-generation high-power light-emitting diode (LED) drivers with highest performance. He released 5 Philips Xitanium(R) LED drivers in massive production (>0.5 mil units in total per year) for NA and European markets and two of them are the BESTsellers on the market. His research interests include high efficient power conversion, LED lighting systems, resonant power conversion, digital control technology, next-generation voltage regulators, power semiconductor devices, and integrated circuits. He has published 20+ technical papers in IEEE TRANSACTIONS and conferences and has 1 patent granted, 9 US and 5 WO patents pending. Liang served as Section Chair in the Seventh Annual IEEE Energy Conversion Congress & Exposition. Liang is an active reviewer of all the 5 top IEEE transactions in Power Electronics Area including TPEL (Power Electronics, TIE (Industrial Electronics), TII (Industrial Informatics), TIA (Industrial Applications), JESTPE (Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics on Power Electronics) since 2009. He is selected as reviewer of IET journal in Power Electronics since 2015. Mr. Jia is the recipient of Philips’ Spotlight Design Award 2014 and Outstanding Design Engineer 2013. He was the recipient of the National Scholarship of China in 2008, and Chinese Undergraduate Research Endowment in 2006, during his undergraduate studies.

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