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Kathy Baxter


I am a Staff User Experience Researcher in Google Search. My research focuses on large-scale remote studies, as well as qualitative research, to identify cutting edge opportunities in knowledge acquisition. I also manage the Global User Experience Infrastructure Team responsible for participant recruitment, vendor management, ethical treatment & incentive guidelines, and lab infrastructure. Prior to 2005, I worked as a Sr. User Experience Researcher for eBay and Oracle. I received my MS in Engineering Psychology and a BS degree in Applied Psychology from the Georgia Institute of Technology. I co-authored a book on usability methods titled, “Understanding Your Users: A practical guide to user requirements methods, tools, and techniques.” The 2nd edition of our book is due on shelves March 2015! I have presented papers and taught tutorials to the Human Factors and Usability community in the US and Europe since 1997. I also actively volunteer for events to increase the number of girls and women entering the engineering and science fields.

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