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Jie Jessie Ren


Jessie Jie Ren received her PhD in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics and a MSc in Statistics from the University of Southern California, 2017. She was a post-doctoral fellow at USC from 2017-2018 and is now a AI resident at Google Brain. She has great passion on AI and want to improve the availability and accuracy of healthcare using AI. The focus of her research to date has been the development of statistical models and machine learning methods to solve complex biological problems. Her work on VirFinder, a tool for discovering elusive viruses in human gut microbiome, was highlighted by Nature News. Her current research interest at Google is to study the associations between human microbial community and diseases. As an AI resident, she is able to learn advanced AI techniques, conduct impactful research, and collaborate with top scientists and engineers at Google. The AI residency program is an perfect place for her to continue pursuing her passion and interests at the intersection between healthcare and AI. She has been enjoying the life at Google a lot. Her favorite part about coming in every day is the interactions with talented colleagues and other residents. She is looking forward to see how much she can grow in this year.

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