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Jhilmil Jain


Jhilmil Jain is a Sr. UX Manager at Google where she leads user research for Android. Prior to that she was a Sr. UX Strategist at Microsoft, and before that she was a Sr. UX Lead at HP Labs. At Microsoft, she led user research and usability efforts for the speech@microsoft product group. At HP Labs she led UX efforts for multiple business incubations.She has several publications and patents in information visualization, user research, multimodal interaction modeling, personal information management systems, and experimental evaluation. She has served as the program chair for CHIMIT 2009; on the program committees of various conferences such as CHI, HCII, and UPA; on the editorial board for the International Journal of Handheld Computing Research; on the review boards for two books "Handheld Computing for Mobile Commerce" and "The Psychology of Facebook", and is currently serving a third term as the UX community chair for CHI 2012. She is a member of ACM, UPA, Phi Kappa Phi, and Upsilon Pi Epsilon.

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