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Jennifer Pierre


Jennifer Pierre, Ph.D., is a user experience and human-computer interaction researcher with expertise in social media, games, critical data studies, and social informatics. Her research explores how people, especially underrepresented and minoritized groups, use various forms of media and data to form and maintain communities. She received her doctorate from the Department of Information Studies at UCLA, and holds an MLIS from the same department. Jennifer is currently working as a User Experience Researcher at YouTube, conducting research on viewer-creator relationships and communities. Her work can be found in several top journals and conferences, including CHI, HICSS, PACMHCI CSCW, and Big Data & Society, and has been recognized by ACM SIGCHI, the Ford Foundation, and the Bouchet Honor Society. In addition to and intersected with her research and industry work, Jennifer has fueled her passion for inclusion in STEM, higher education, and tech as a member and leader of several diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

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