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Jason Miller


I am currently the product management director for the Google Accelerated Science team within Google Research. My role is to guide the strategy our team in seeking out high impact scientific problems and collaborators where our computational techniques can uniquely aid the scientific research. Like my research team, my scientific interests span biology, computational chemistry, material science, and applied physics. From the computational side, I’m interested in machine learning and data science. I joined Google in 2005 as a product manager for AdSense for Content, and spent the subsequent 11 years managing a number of different Display and Video advertising products and teams. Some of the products and teams that I led include Google’s brand measurement products for YouTube and the Google Display Network, DoubleClick Digital Marketing for advertisers and agencies, ad quality and monetization on the Google Display Network, and advertiser features for the Google Display Network. A common thread through most of my products was the use of machine learning and statistical analysis applied to advertising. Prior to joining Google, I received my MBA from Harvard and a Master of Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from MIT. I spent several years as a high-tech strategy consultant, first at McKinsey & Company, and later at Fletcher Spaght. At McKinsey, I worked in the Business Technology Office, advising CIOs on technology strategy and CEOs of technology companies on product strategy in a range of industries, including oil and gas, auto insurance, investment banking, and the data storage industry. At Fletcher Spaght, I advised high-tech startups on product strategy in a range of fields including Internet security software, hardware, and services firms, wireless handsets vendors, cable CPE vendors, and many others.

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