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Erwin Coumans


Erwin Coumans is creator of the Bullet physics engine and member of the Google Brain team, where he is responsible for real-time physics simulation research and development, with a focus on robotics and machine learning. After his study of Computer Science at Eindhoven University in the Netherlands, he has been involved in collision detection and physics simulation research for Guerrilla Games in the Netherlands, Havok in Ireland, Sony Computer Entertainment US R&D, AMD and Google Robotics in California, USA. Erwin is a regular speaker at conferences such as SIGGRAPH and the Game Developer Conference and is co-author of the book Multithreading for Visual Effects. His work is integrated in various 3d modeling and simulation tools and is used by many professional visual effect studios, game companies and robotic simulators. Erwin received a Scientific and Technical Academy Award (Oscar) for the development of Bullet Physics in 2015.

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