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Denis Krupennikov


Denis joined Google in 2006 and is responsible for running the Mobile Device Farm infrastructure. The Mobile Device Farm allows internal and external developers to test their Android and iOS applications on virtual and physical devices. Mobile Device Farm powers both the Google Play Store and Firebase Test Lab.

His first job at Google was to build a Site Reliability Engineering Team to run the Google billing platform. The billing platform monetizes all Google revenue and was processing $50 billion annually at that point in time.

Subsequently, Denis managed capacity and budget planning for the internal Google compute infrastructure, operating with a multi-billion dollar budget.

Prior to joining Google, he managed Oracle data centers and led an automation team deploying early versions of Oracle products for prototyping and internal consumption.

Denis holds a bachelors’ degree in Choreography from The Bolshoi Ballet Academy, a masters’ degree in Quantum Physics from Moscow State University, as well as a partial masters’ degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.

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