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Dan Brickley


I am a data standards technologist within Google's Open Source Programs Office, where I work on our use of structured data formats and knowledge graph exchange technologies. I am co-lead of the project, where we try to bring these technologies into the lives of all users of the Web - regardless of whether they want to fact check their politicians, plan a meal, or find a job. Prior to joining Google, I worked largely on the creation and use of Web data standards, having joined the W3C RDF initiative in its early phase and having helped create the Semantic Web and Linked Data fields (RDF/S, FOAF, SKOS etc.). My work has always been in communities engaged with open standards, open source and data sharing, most recently investigating open data and open source approaches to AI in the 'Artificial Life' tradition. I remain active in the standards-making communities around W3C, and in various collaborative projects.

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