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Arjun Reddy Akula


I am a Research Scientist at Google in Mountain View. My research interests are in computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), statistical modeling and inference, and deep learning. Prior to this, I got my PhD from UCLA in Jan 2022, advised by Prof. Song-Chun Zhu. During my PhD, I interned at Amazon Alexa AI (Sunnyvale, CA), Google Research (Los Angeles, CA), Amazon AI (Palo Alto, CA) and Mila (Montreal). Prior to my PhD, I worked as a research software engineer at IBM Research AI (India) for 2.5 years. I did my Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science and Engineering from IIIT Hyderabad, India. I am an active member of the academic community serving as a reviewer/program committee member of ACL, CVPR, ARR, EMNLP, ICCV, AAAI, ECCV, NeurIPS and NAACL. Outside of work, I enjoy hiking, traveling, and playing Table Tennis. Here is a link to my personal website:

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