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Adarsh Kowdle


I am a Senior Staff Software Engineer and R&D group Manager on Google's Augmented Reality team leading the efforts around geometric and human perception, working on end-to-end solutions from research to product at the intersection of real-time computer vision, geometric/human sensing and applied machine learning such as ARCore Depth API, Relightables. Previously at Google, I was the Hardware/Systems Lead for uDepth: real-time active depth sensing on Pixel 4 that powers Face Unlock and computational photography use cases such as bokeh. My areas of interest are computer vision and machine learning with a focus on real-time applications.

Previously, I was a Senior Scientist and part of the founding team at perceptiveIO, where I developed computer vision and machine learning algorithms for 3D sensing, visual recognition and human-computer interaction. Prior to this, I spent 3 years at Microsoft as a Senior SDE / Researcher in the Applied Vision and Imaging Team at Microsoft, where I worked on Surface Hub among other projects. I also worked with the Interactive 3D Technologies group at Microsoft Research at Redmond for 6 months on projects such as Holoportation.

I graduated with a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cornell University in July 2013. I was advised by Prof. Tsuhan Chen. My thesis focus was on interactive computer vision algorithms and image based modeling; putting the user in the loop intelligently by leveraging the power of the automatic algorithm.

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