Google Research

Mario Guajardo-Céspedes


Mario’s current work focuses on applied Machine Learning within Google AI on Ray Kurzweil's research group---where they are finding new ways to use deep learning to model language and conversations for SmartReply, Assistant, or new Semantic Experiences. He also focuses on AI-for-social-good as well as ML-fairness efforts. More recently, he has been focusing on strengthening the AI ecosystem in Latin America as an ML-in-residence advisor for the Google for Startups Accelerator in Latin America, as well as an ML-advisor for Google’s AI Impact Challenge. He is also a fellow of the People+AI Guidebook---a framework to help develop human-centered AI products--- focusing on outreach in Latin America. In previous roles, Mario has helped take projects from early-stage to launch for Waze Carpool, Search, and Cloud. He also contributes to mentoring and advocacy efforts, and on using technology to solve tough social issues.

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