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Matthieu Geist


Matthieu Geist obtained an Electrical Engineering degree and an MSc degree in Applied Mathematics in Sept. 2006 (Supélec, France), a PhD degree in Applied Mathematics in Nov. 2009 (University Paul Verlaine of Metz, France) and a Habilitation degree in Feb. 2016 (University Lille 1, France). Between Feb. 2010 and Sept. 2017, he was an assistant professor at CentraleSupélec, France. In Sept. 2017, he joined University of Lorraine, France, as a full professor in Applied Mathematics (Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Continental Environments, CNRS-UL). Since Sept. 2018, he is on secondment at Google Brain, as a research scientist (Paris, France). His research interests include machine learning, especially reinforcement learning and imitation learning (Google Scholar profile).

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