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Deniz Oktay


I studied Computer Science as an undergrad and masters at MIT, where I worked with Antonio Torralba and Carl Vondrick on image understanding. I also spent a summer interning at Project Loon in X. After MIT and before Google I also spent some time working in quantitative finance in New York City. My current interests lie in the intersection of information theory and deep learning, as well as training machine learning models with little or no supervision to learn interpretable and useful representations. I applied to the Google residency as I was looking for an intensive exposure to current AI research and it has been an amazing experience so far! It has given me the flexibility to work on any project or area I am interested in, and has given me an invaluable opportunity to find out about the wide variety of research going on in the community and work with the top researchers in the area. The massive amounts of compute resources available to researchers at Google is also certainly a plus! Outside of machine learning, I am interested in programming language design, running, hiphop dance, and retro video games. I also love exploring all the different fitness classes (and cafes) Google has to offer!

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