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Saurabh Kumar


Saurabh Kumar is an AI resident on the Brain team in Montréal, QC. He graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology in May 2018 with a B.S. in Computer Science and minor in Mathematics. At Georgia Tech, Saurabh worked on reinforcement learning (RL) with a focus on hierarchical RL and skill composition in RL. He completed summer internships at Yahoo’s Machine Learning and Vision team where he developed semi-supervised object detection methods and at Google Research & Machine Intelligence where he applied hierarchical RL to improve dialogue systems. During his internship at Google, he attended talks by previous Brain Residents which inspired him to apply for the AI residency program. Saurabh entered the residency with the goals of deepening his understanding of RL fundamentals and making algorithmic contributions to the field. As an AI Resident, Saurabh has the opportunity to collaborate with talented peers, receive mentorship from world-class researchers, and leverage large-scale computational resources. The abundance of research talks, internal conferences and workshops, and reading groups at Google creates a fantastic environment for learning and collaboration. Saurabh’s current research interests include representation learning in RL and hierarchical RL. Aside from research, Saurabh enjoys hiking and playing an Indian classical percussion instrument called the tabla.

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