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Negin (Nicki) Golrezaei


Negin Golrezaei is a post-doctoral researcher at Google Research in New York. She will be starting a tenure-track position in Operations Management group at MIT Sloan School of Management in July 2018. Her current research interests are in the area of mechanism design, optimization algorithms, machine learning, and game theory with applications to revenue management, pricing, and online platforms. Negin received her B.Sc. (2007) and M.Sc. (2009) degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Sharif University of Technology, Iran, and PhD (2017) in Operations Research from the University of Southern California (USC). During her Ph.D. studies, she worked as a summer intern at Google, in 2015 and 2016. In her internships, she developed and implemented several algorithms and mechanisms for Google’s Ad Exchange. Negin is the recipient of the Dantzig dissertation award (2017), Revenue Management and Pricing dissertation award (2017), USC Ph.D. Achievement Award (2017), and USC CAMS Prize, for excellence in research with a substantial mathematical component (2017), USC Outstanding Teaching Award (2016), Marshall Ph.D. Teaching Award (2016), and USC Provost’s Ph.D. fellowship (2011). Furthermore, her paper titled “Real-time Optimization of Personalized Assortments” got nominated as one of the finalists for the MSOM Student Paper Competition (2016) and POMS Supply Chain Management College Student Paper Competition (2017).

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