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Behnam Bastani


Dr. Bastani received his PhD from Simon Fraser University in Canada in 2009. His research focus was multi-spectral rendering and operations in non-linear spaces. He currently leads investigation in signal processing and rendering algorithms at Google Virtual and Augmented Reality team. He has been researching human visual system for over 15 years and has developed display systems, including pixel structures and algorithms to meet human visual perception requirement at minimum computation cost. His approach to understanding visual experience is to evaluate each component of our visual perception as a computation process. Dr. Bastani has over 27 filed patents in the field of computational vision for applications in printing, reflective displays and eye-wearable devices. In 2013, he started and led optics and image processing committee in IEEE Bay Area MEMS Chapter. He has chaired sessions in several international conferences including Non-Impact Imaging and Color Imaging Conference. He has reviewed several papers at Color Research and Application journal. In 2015 Dr. Bastani was awarded by National Academy of Engineering for his advancement in display rendering technologies.

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