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Dina Papagiannaki


Konstantina Papagiannaki is a member of the network infrastructure team inside Google. Her research interests are in computer networks, mobile systems, and data analysis. Prior to Google she was the director of research at Telefonica Research (2011-2016), a senior researcher at Intel (2004-2011) and a researcher at Sprint Advanced Technology Labs (2000-2004). Her scientific work, cited more than 10000 times according to google scholar, is often associated with significant progress in the areas of network traffic classification, forecasting of network traffic, network data analytics, security, self-organizing wireless local area networks, and centralized wireless local area networks. She got awarded her PhD from the Computer Science Department of University College London (UCL) in March 2003, receiving the Distinguished Dissertations Award 2003. In 2008, she received the rising star award of ACM SIGCOMM and in 2015, she was awarded the title of ACM distinguished scientist. Her work has led to best paper awards from ACM Mobicom 2009, ACM IMC 2013, ACM CoNEXT 2013, and 6 granted patents by the US Patent Office. Her complete list of publications can be found in Google scholar.

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