Google Research

Efrat Morin is a Professor at the Institute of Earth Sciences, Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel. She has a B.Sc. degree in Mathematics and Computer Sciences, M.Sc. in Atmospheric Sciences, and Ph.D. in Earth Sciences, all from the Hebrew University. She had her post-doc studies at the Department of Hydrology and Water Resources in the University of Arizona.

Her research generally lies in the field of hydrometeorology and seeks to better understand the interactions between precipitation and hydrological systems, within a general framework that takes climate and surface conditions into account. Over the years, her research group in the Lab of Hydrometeorology, has led the development of unique research ‎approaches and techniques for investigating research questions related to this main topic.

Currently her research group focuses, among other topics, on: different aspects of climate change, at a range of scales, from global to local, and looking both at the past and the future; space-time analysis and modeling of precipitation fields; flood processes and prediction; geomorphic impacts of precipitation and floods; and, extreme events.

At Google, she collaborates with AI experts to utilize machine learning methods for improving flood prediction. She looks at feature structures, especially precipitation, and modeling methods.