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Network Infrastructure

We design and build the world’s largest, fastest, most reliable data-center and WAN networks, to enable compute and storage not available anywhere else.

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Our team brings together experts in networking, distributed systems, kernel and systems programming, and algorithms to create the networks that power Google. Our networks are among the world’s largest and fastest, and we design them to be reliable, cheap, and easy to evolve. We often use new technologies unavailable outside Google.

We exemplify Google’s Hybrid Approach to Research: we deploy real-world systems at global scale. Many members of our team have extensive research experience, we publish papers in conferences such as SIGCOMM, NSDI, SOSP, and OSDI, and we work closely with interns and faculty from leading universities.

Every Google product relies on the technologies we develop. Our networks support complex, highly-available, planetary-scale distributed systems with billions of users. We constantly evolve our networks to meet the requirements of, and create opportunities for, new and better Google products, especially the rapidly-growing Google Cloud.

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