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The Mind of a Mouse

  • Larry F. Abbott
  • Davi D. Bock
  • Edward M. Callaway
  • Winfried Denk
  • Catherine Dulac,
  • Adrienne L. Fairhall
  • Ila Fiete
  • Kristen M. Harris
  • Moritz Helmstaedter
  • Viren Jain
  • Narayanan Kasthuri
  • Yann LeCun
  • Jeff W. Lichtman
  • Peter B. Littlewood
  • Liqun Luo
  • John H.R. Maunsell
  • R. Clay Reid
  • Bruce R. Rosen
  • Gerald M. Rubin
  • Terrence J. Sejnowski
  • H. Sebastian Seung
  • Karel Svoboda
  • David W. Tank
  • Doris Tsao
  • David C. Van Essen
Cell, vol. 182 (2020)


Large scientific projects in genomics and astronomy are influential not because they answer any single ques- tion but because they enable investigation of continuously arising new questions from the same data-rich sources. Advances in automated mapping of the brain’s synaptic connections (connectomics) suggest that the complicated circuits underlying brain function are ripe for analysis. We discuss benefits of mapping a mouse brain at the level of synapses.

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